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Weaving Classes
We offer a variety of weaving classes for the potential new weaver including rigid heddle weaving and floor loom weaving, both group classes and private instruction. For all of our classes, we provide the equipment and tools needed so the student does not need to purchase a loom prior to taking a class.

Rigid Heddle Loom Classes

Weave a Scarf in a Day! This is our beginning rigid heddle loom class. Students arrive between 10:00 and 10:15 and choose their yarn. Each student then warps a loom that we provide. We take a 30-minute lunch break (bring your lunch!) and weave all afternoon. Generally, students finish weaving by 4:00 (sometimes earlier) and leave with a scarf that they have woven themselves! During the afternoon of weaving, students learn how to wind a shuttle, pass the shuttle through the warp, handle the shuttle in such a way that they have nice selvedge edges, and to beat in a manner that will create a nicely draping scarf. This is a great class for a person who thinks they might be interested in weaving or a person who hasn't woven in a while and needs a refresher. Cost: $95, $20 of which is applied to the cost of the yarn you select.

Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving. You’ve watched the YouTube videos and read all the books, and things still aren’t going well. Bring your loom and take this Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving class. I focus on the “little things” that might not be so obvious and diagnose where problems may be creeping into your weaving.
Length: 3 Hours. Cost: $45. Class size limited to 4 weavers to allow for lots of personal attention.

How to Wind a Warp on a Warping Board; Indirect Warping Your Loom. Sometimes Direct Warping just will not do. A good example of when you should use the Indirect Warping Method is when you want to weave Color and Weave fabric that is not 2 yarns of one color and 2 yarns of another color. For the best experience and the smoothest, untangled, most evenly tensioned warp, you need to measure your warp on a warping board. A warping board is also helpful if you want to put on a l-o-n-g warp. I routinely weave fabric that is 4 or more yards on the loom. A warping board and the procedure you use to keep your warp neat, makes beaming a long warp easy peasy. If you own a Kromski loom, you’re in luck! There is a warping board built into the bottom of your loom.
Length: 5 hours with a break for lunch. Cost: $75. Class size limited to 6 weavers. Project size limited to 6” to ensure that you finish.

Weaving with Two Heddles. Basketweave has its place but if you really want a 1 x 1 intersection in your weaving and you want to weave with fine yarn, the answer is to weave with two heddles. You will need two heddles that are the same dent. Two 8-dent heddles (for a sett of 16), and two 10-dent heddles (for a sett of 20) are the most popular. In this class, you will learn the easiest way to direct warp and weave with two heddles to make lovely drapey cloth out of tiny yarn!
Length: 5 hours with a break for lunch. Cost: $75. Class size limited to 6 weavers.

Lace Weaves on a Rigid Heddle Loom. Many beautiful lace weaves can be woven on a rigid heddles loom. You may be familiar with Brooks Bouquet and Leno, but there are so many others! What about Deily Medallions, Mexican Leno, and Peruvian Gauge. Students arrive with their looms warped so we can dive right in. As a bonus, we will also combine these and other lace structures in a way that will make an attractive border on any woven cloth.
Length: 5 hours with a break for lunch. Cost: $75. Class size limited to 6 weavers.

Shaft Loom Classes

Doubleweave Overshot. Looking for a weave structure that looks complicated, but is surprisingly straightforward? AND that will result in a two-faced fabric? AND that can be woven on only 4 shafts? Doubleweave Overshot is your answer! This class will combine short lectures with round-robin style weaving. Students will leave with multiple samples, corresponding drafts, and a clear understanding of how to merge a favorite overshot pattern with a doubleweave structure. You may find yourself addicted!
Length: 5 hours with a break for lunch. Cost: $75. Class size limited to 10 weavers.

All About Shadow Weave. Shadow Weave is a fascinating color and weave effect that gives the weaver a lot of design bang for only a minimal investment in extra time. Come learn how it works, different threading structures, varieties in treadling, and how variations can really change the look of the cloth. You will leave energized and amazed. (Note: This is a combination lecture and round-robin class where each weaver will have the opportunity to weave 10 samples and will be provided for the weaving draft for each.)
Length: 5 hours with a break for lunch.  Cost: $75.  Class size limited to 10 weavers.

Doubleweave on 4-Shafts.  Doubleweave is a warp structure with many faces.  Weave twice as wide as the width of your loom with Doubleweave Double Width.  Weave a fabric that is double thick with interesting pattern work (placemats, anyone?).  Weave in two colors and switch which one appears on top.  Weave a tube (pillows?).  Weave a design from a chart using Doubleweave and a pick-up stick.  This class will provide opportunities to try all of these techniques in a sampler on a 4-shaft loom.  Bonus!  Warping for Doubleweave.  We will warp and thread our looms in the first class.
Length: 3 sessions of 4 hours each.  Cost: $125. Class size limited to 6 weavers.