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Wolf Pup 8.10

The Wolf Pup 8.10 expands the options of our Wolf Pup line, offering 8-shaft, 10-treadle weaving with an 18? weaving width. Like our other Wolf looms, the Wolf Pup 8.10 has an X-frame design, providing a sturdy base while allowing the loom to be easily folded up to a depth of 19?. Folding the loom is a cinch, with or without a warp on it. For stability and sturdiness, we employ barrel nut construction and traditional woodworking joinery. The Wolf Pup 8.10 is super compact with a footprint of just 28? wide x 35-1/2? deep. It?s a powerful performer with big loom features in a pint-sized loom.

The Wolf Pup 8.10 is perfect for schools and teaching studios where floor space is always a premium. You don?t need to sacrifice big loom features for narrow weaving projects or small spaces.

For rigid heddle weavers keen on pattern weaving, the Wolf Pup 8.10 will take you to the next level in a friendly, feature-full loom.

A companion to our other Wolf Pup Looms, the Wolf Pup 8.10 has outrigger front legs to make extra space for 10 treadles. The brake release lever, located on the outside of the loom, is easy to operate.

You?ll also find a treadle aid included with the Wolf Pup 8.10: it prevents shafts from floating when 6 or more shafts are raised at a time. Included with each Wolf Pup 8.10: Treadle Tracker, 600 inserted eye heddles, reed of your choice, 90 tie-up cords, and caster wheels.