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Leclerc 24’ Compact Loom

This jack-type floor loom is light but solid, and easily movable when folded. It is especially designed for workshops and demonstrations. To fold, slightly unscrew the two handles on the sides of the loom and slide them up. It can be folded without trouble even after weaving has started. It is built with six treadles for easy tie-up, and can be converted into an 8 shaft loom, by adding 4 shafts (and 4 treadles). Equipped with a 1 7/8" (4 cm) regular plain beam, to which a set of rake-like pieces (sectional warp beam) can be added. The rake-like pieces (sectional warp beam) must be screwed directly on the beam, without extension. The circumference of this sectional warp beam is 15" (38 cm)


» Steel reed, 12 dents/inch (5dents/cm)
» 10½" (26.8 CM) wire heddles 
» 1 boat shuttle 6122-1000
» 1 reed and heddle hook 6141-7000
» 2 metal lease sticks
» 2 beam sticks with cords
» 2 metal warp rods
» Assembling Instructions 
» Book "Warp and Weave"