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Weave a Scarf--Take 2!

This class is for people who have already woven a scarf on their rigid heddle looms and want to take the "next steps" in design.

In this class, you will learn:
* How to warp with DK / Sport weight yarn. The smaller the yarn, the more careful you need to be with beaming your warp.  
* Two (maybe three) decorative methods of hemstitching at the beginning and end of your scarf.
* How to warp with multiple colors in one piece.
* How to weave with multiple colors using 2 shuttles and still have nice edges.
This class assumes you have a loom of your own. If you need to rent one of mine, please email me prior to signing up for the class. 

1. Your loom, warping tools, weaving tools, and stand with whichever dent heddle you want to use (8 or 10). Alternatively, make arrangements in advance to rent one of my looms.
2. Leftover yarn in the size that corresponds to the heddle you want to use (8 or 10).  This might also be a good time to bring yarn you aren't quite sure what to do which or are no longer in love with that is the appropriate size for the heddle you are bringing. Solid, variegated, whatever.  Bring it.
3.  Money to buy more yarn in case nothing you bring works for you.  ;-)
4.  Be sure you have at least 2 stick shuttles and a 10-dent Heddle if you want to warp with DK/Sport weight yarn.

NOTE:  Your WARP yarn MUST be a plied yarn!  It must have at least two single strands twisted together to make the yarn.  This class is not the time to experiment with a singles yarn.

This is a great class to get you out of a rut and onto experimenting with yarn and colors.  I do sell DK weight yarn in case you want to purchase something new!
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Must have some prior experience warping and weaving on a rigid heddle loom.
Must bring your own loom and tools including 2 shuttles and a 10-dent heddle. Optional: Bring your own yarn. Yarn will be for sale on site
Instructor Name:
Mary Berry

Weave a Scarf--Take 2!

$ 75.00