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For years, we used Constant Contact to send out our newsletters.  However, when our newsletter subscriber list became so large that Constant Contact became prohibitively expensive, we started putting together and publishing our newsletter ourselves.

Copies of the Constant Contact newsletters are no longer available to us, so we are rebuilding our newsletter archive all over again.

Click on the links below to read past Newsletters from the Fancy Fibers Farm.

March 2012 — Classes and Festivals, new things for sale in the Farm Store, and Spring! Glorious Spring!

December 2011 — It’s cool and wet here, and we’re ready to slog through winter!

Early October 2011 — We’re having a party!!!!!

August 2011



2 Responses to Newsletter Archive

  1. Joy Gregory says:

    Hello Mary,

    Just got your email about sign up and pay.
    Mailed my payment and signed up on Monday
    This passed week Dec 2. Debbie Hager is my
    Roommate . Not sure how to know if we are in
    Or out.

  2. Kathy Toole says:

    The county agent in Greenville gave me your info. I am in desperate need of someone who can shear ramboulet sheep–16 on our farm. My husband had back surgery and we are behind! I will call you soon. I love your website. Kathy Toole

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