Are you wondering whether the Farm Store is open today? Whether we are at a festival somewhere? When the next Dye Day is? Here is where you can keep up with that information!  Check out the Farm Calendar below to see what’s going on at the Farm!! (If the calendar is missing, please let me know. Sometimes it just goes away on its own!)

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  1. Gay Etheredge says:

    When are you having a dyeing workshop this summer, am very interested.

  2. Jan Nelson says:

    Hi Ken and Mary,
    Saw your thread on the LGD list and thought I’d bring you up to date on Blizzard.
    He is doing great. Put him with my very ALPHA Pyr/kangal female and he never looked back. That huge overgrown puppy has become a very reliable guarddog. I’m thinking he is probably just now turning two years old. He follows the does out, patrols, and even watches the hawks fly over and runs after them. A feral cat made the mistake of trying to cross the pasture, no more cat–good dog–doing his job.
    He is with the does 24/7 and seems very content. Doesn’t run up to the fence any more, just watches and does his job. Thanks so very much for sending Blizzard our way!!
    Jan Nelson

    • Mary Berry says:

      Hi Jan, That is SUCH good news. Ken was thrilled when I read your note to him, and we are both so very happy that everything worked out and he has turned out to be such a solid guardian. Your having him was meant to be! Thanks for taking a chance on him. Mary

  3. Dana says:

    Loved the story about Lucy taking over mommy duties on the NATIONAL news here in Massachusetts!. (We’ve just moved from Plano.) Hope you have a great year. We’ll look for you at MSWF. We talked at the Dallas Fiber arts group last year.

    • Mary says:

      Wow, Dana! That’s fantastic! Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately I’m not going to make MSWF this year. I’m still washing fleeces and sending them off to be carded! If there is anything special you want from my fibers, just send me a note!

      Thanks again,

  4. Barb Wayman says:

    Hi Mary. I look forward to a visit, and would like to bring my grandchildren. When do you welcome visitors?

    • Mary Berry says:

      Hi Barb, you are welcome to come visit the critters and I pretty much any time that I am at the Farm (not traveling), and the weather is suitable. Just pick a day and send me an email or give me a call.

  5. Denise McNeill says:

    Hello Mary
    I would love to help with shearing your babies! I’ve sheared our lamas years ago. And was also a dog groomer.
    I came out to visit your farm weeks ago and had a great time. Please let me know when the shearing is going happen and I hope I can be available! I love all animals and think i can be great help.
    Denise McNeill

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