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Julia Goes to Bangladesh

It all started back in August by text …. Me: Are you still up? Julia: Yes. Me: Look at this Kickstarter website, down at the bottom. Read what it says. (Pause) Me: Want to go to Bangladesh? Julia: ¬†YES! As … Continue reading

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Bangla Sheep and Goats

If you’re a sheep and/or goat person, then you are a sheep and/or goat person wherever you are, even if you are halfway across the world. On my recent trip to Bangladesh, I tried to capture images for at least … Continue reading

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Batt Sandwiches

After all that plying I needed to spin something different. But no particular idea was jumping out at me. I pulled Lexi Boeger’s book Intertwined off the shelf and leafed through it. That’s when I decided to go old school … Continue reading

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Catching up on some plying!

I finally decided to do something about a large bag of cakes of singles that have been “resting” in a drawer for at least a year. The funny thing about plying singles that have been around a while is that … Continue reading

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When there’s no hay…

When there’s no way to get big round bales of hay out into the pasture, we rely on an alternative. “Hi, Mom!” Chaffhay. It’s what’s for supper. Now can we go somewhere dry? I can’t help it if the silly … Continue reading

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