Julia Goes to Bangladesh

It all started back in August by text ….

Me: Are you still up?
Julia: Yes.
Me: Look at this Kickstarter website, down at the bottom. Read what it says.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 14.02.19(Pause)
Me: Want to go to Bangladesh?
Julia:  YES!

As it stated, the Kickstarter reward was a trip for two.  Without even asking, I knew my husband wouldn’t want to go. My DD#1 put the kibosh on my plan to take my 15-year-old granddaughter. And it was trip that centered around fiber and yarn and spinning and weaving. Julia really was the perfect fit, and the perfect traveling companion.  Old enough to take care of herself, but young enough that I could boss her around <wink>.

Besides:  Young people need to experience the world beyond their own homes.  The Internet and Facebook, and all of the other electronic experiences we have, are still a poor substitute for actually immersing yourself in another culture.   You can’t help but walk away with a new mindset, a new benchmark by which to evaluate your own life and all of the experiences you have had up to this point or will have in the future.  Sometimes you also walk away with a new direction.  Without question, this sort of trip changes your perspective on “things.” Which “things?” It depends on the person.

And it all worked out wonderfully.  We had a great trip. Most people assumed I was her mother (at least they didn’t say grandmother!).  Here are some pictures that capture Julia enjoying our trip.

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