Bangla Sheep and Goats

If you’re a sheep and/or goat person, then you are a sheep and/or goat person wherever you are, even if you are halfway across the world. On my recent trip to Bangladesh, I tried to capture images for at least some of the sheep and goats that I saw. The ones I missed (because we drove by too fast) looked to be Nigerian Dwarf goats, so they are not represented here.

None of the goats and sheep in Bangladesh are fiber animals; of that I’m sure. I had our driver ask the shepherd who had the herd of sheep about using the wool, and he said they don’t.  It’s very coarse.  We actually saw very few sheep, but there were LOTS of goats.

Goats are for food.   Just to confuse me, goat meat is referred to as “mutton,” the name we use in the USA for meat from older sheep.   I asked one of our hosts if Bangladeshis eat sheep meat and he looked at me horrified and replied, “Oh, no! Oh, no!”  But eating goat meat is common in every part of the world except the US.  In fact, it was even served to us on the plane. (I chose something else.)

Something else that caused me lots of cognitive dissonance — it was Winter in Bangladesh when we were there (December), and there were baby chicks and baby goats running around everywhere, a sight you would see in Spring (March) in the USA.  The Bengalis considered the weather to be cold (it was in the 60’s), which is why one of the goats in the picture is wearing a t-shirt!  The people were frequently wearing sweaters and knit hats with their sandals.

We ate a lot of the small Bangla bananas on our trip, and Julia shared a banana skin with one of the goats.  Don’t tell the Customs and Immigration Bureau, but we might have even petted a head or two.  Enjoy the slideshow!

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