Meet our new grandson!

Stop the world ~ Farm ~ Store ~ (thanks to the nice ladies who came by the shop today and were so understanding when I told them why I wasn’t there).

Houston, we have a GRANDSON!

This is a major milestone for more than one reason!  Ken and I have three girls between us.  Our two oldest have four girls between them.  But as of today, thanks to my youngest daughter, we have a BOY!

Meet Mason Glenn Shubert, my new grandson who FINALLY made an appearance (with a little help from the doctor and some very interesting hospital equipment) at 10:54 this morning (August 1st), approximately 8 days early.  6.42 lbs and 19-1/2 inches long.  Parents and baby are happy and healthy, and so are the rest of us (or will be once we catch up on our sleep).

I am, however, beginning to think that I’m too old for these all night vigils at the hospital…

Mason’s first pictures, taken by Daddy…

Grandmomma came and left, and Aunt Mandy was in with Jamie most of the time. The rest of us were in the waiting room.  I knit the same 3 inches of Mason’s Baby Surprise Jacket 3 times. Apparently somewhere during the evening I lost the ability to count.

Pop, Jamie’s dad, had the honor of being the first grandparent to hold Mason, and I took the pictures. [Note: We’ve been divorced 22 years now. This is me being gracious.  It doesn’t happen often.]

Then it was my turn.  Mason whimpered the whole time I held him. I think Pop pinched him before he gave him to me.

Then it was Lizzie’s turn because Lizzie had to leave with me to come back to the Farm for one more sleep before being returned to her rightful owners.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve had a new grandbaby.  Let the fun begin!

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4 Responses to Meet our new grandson!

  1. Diane Dillard says:

    Exciting times! Congratulations to you and your family.

  2. kate says:

    Wow — she had the WHOLE family there, didn’t she?

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