Around the Farm: June 7, 2012

Saffron eating hay off the big roll

For those of you who remember Saffron, one of our bottle babies, she is growing like a weed and follows me like a puppy.  The thing about lambs is that they can squeeze between pen panel bars, and they pretty much go wherever they want to.

Lambs in the hay

The coyotes have been roaming about, even in broad daylight.  One crossed our road in front of Ken a few mornings ago when he was leaving for work.  Bear has been very busy digging out and going after them.  Sigh.  When he thinks he has things under control, he comes home, waits for me to notice that he’s out there, and then moseys back through the gate to sleep the day away before another night’s hard work.

Princess decided that she was going to spend the day in the east pasture with the alpacas.  I have no idea why.  After the alpacas ate, she made herself comfortable in one of their feed troughs.

She wasn’t alone, though.  Lucy was keeping her company.

Some days I’d give anything if these animals could talk!

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