Weaving Looper Rugs

It was a crazy busy day around here today.  Probably the most FUN, however, was had in the Farm Studio/Store where Linda and Kate wove themselves some looper rugs!

Linda arrived this morning and helped me troubleshoot the loom.  Without going into a lot of boring detail, it just wasn’t working right!  We moved some pegs, re-leveled a few things, and got it working.

Once the loom was set up, Linda started weaving.  I showed her how to weave her header, and Kate showed her how to weave the loopers.

By the end of the day, Linda and Kate had both woven looper rugs.  It was a LOT of fun, and quite an accomplishment for Linda who had never woven anything before in her life.

I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures of Kate weaving.  There was just too much going on that required my involvement, and then the darn battery ran out on my phone.

I hope you can tell what fun we had from the pictures I was able to take!


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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks, Mary and Kate, for the wonderful day of learning and fun!

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