Feedin’ in the rain, again

Everytime it rains, for a brief moment I curse the man who built this farm.  Putting all your buildings on the lowest point of the property is NOT a good idea!  I know why he did it – he had cows, and he wanted to maximize his pasture, and I guess cows don’t care much about whether their feet get wet. So all of the buildings are clustered together in one corner up close to the front of the property. Whether he knew it was low at the time he built everything is anybody’s guess.

However, goats DO care whether or not they get their feet wet.  In fact, they are downright prissy about it!

I literally had to SHOVE some of them in the pen this morning to get them through the standing water to eat! Having to shove goats toward food is, well, unheard of! Moose missed breakfast all together because he flat refused, and I gave up and moved on. (Notice how, now that they’ve finished eating, they’ve migrated to the drier parts of the pen.)

Feeding in the rain – always a challenge!

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