We Know Nuno!

On Saturday morning, May 1st, ten of us gathered together in the Bunny Barn to learn about Nuno Felting and make our own small nuno felting piece. Suzanne Morgan was our guide and instructor. She brought along her own beautiful work to inspire us, and let each class member choose a kit that contained all the bits and pieces necessary to create a beautiful piece. (The picture is of my finished piece after it dried.)

First Suzanne gave us some background on the art of Nuno Felting and some information on how to combine our pieces. (“The wool is the glue!”).

The she walked us through the creation of the piece step by step. Layer. Design. Soapy cool water. Rolling. Warm water. Throwing. Scrunching. Straightening. Checking. Flipping. Repeat some of the above. You get the picture.  It was fun and very freeing. I’m just glad I wasn’t the person Faye was thinking about during the throwing phase! 

In the end, everyone walked away with a beautiful piece of artistic expression in felted cloth. The rabbits enjoyed their day in the breeze outside under the big white canopy, and the rest of the animals enjoyed looking at the visitors who embarked on farm tours before they left.

What FUN!

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3 Responses to We Know Nuno!

  1. Joanne says:

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! I know I have seen some of their finished items and they are gorgeous!

  2. polly says:

    how neat!
    I always thought felting was a very involved artistic process-and it looks like ti was, but how worth it!

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