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Welcome to the Fancy Fibers Farm where we raise Angora goats, Shetland sheep, and the rare and beautiful Suri alpacas in order to harvest their soft and luscious fibers.  In addition to the fiber animals, we also a group of seven Great Pyrenees and Anatolian livestock guard dogs (LGD’s) who keep all the animals safe.

The fiber we shear from our animals is then washed, blended, carded, and dyed (sometimes) and sold to hand spinners across the United States through the Fancy Fibers retail store.  Hand spinners who purchase our fiber know that the animals from whom the fiber was harvested were not mistreated in any way.  In fact, a good many of our critters are friendly enough to pet!

As family farmers, we are committed to providing our animals with not only the food and shelter that they need, but also our love and tender care.  We know that there are others who would enjoy being personally involved with a farm, but don’t have one of their own. We invite you to visit our Farm, meet the animals, scritch their necks, feed them treats, and fall in love.

Let us be a part of your fiber arts life while you enjoy the life of our Farm.

~Ken & Mary Berry